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Posted by Pastor's Dr.'s Rob and Carlotta Boles on February 21, 2010 at 11:31 AM




Through a study of the atonement we can see very clearly that God's will is to heal His people. Is healing for everybody? YES! Emphatically, yes. Healing is for every WHO WANTS IT. Anything that was purchased on Calvary was purchased for anybody and everybody. Saying that God will heal some but not others is like saying He will save some and not others.


II Peter 3:9 NKJV "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is long suffering toward us not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance." It is certain that God wants all people to come to repentance. We know this is true because we have been taught what is right in that circumstance. Physical healing is as much a part of the Atonement as forgiveness of sin. Likewise the Atonement also offered healing to all who were in need.


COMMON OBJECTIONS: This is a good time to discuss some of the more common misconceptions or objections to healing today. One of the most widespread misconceptions about healing is that, although God is able to heal anyone, He often withholds that healing so He can somehow gain glory. It is said that God is glorified by the patient suffering of the sick person.


These people view sickness as a blessing because some good may possibly result from it. "While I was in the hospital, people were saved through my witnessing." Read Romans 8:28. God can, without a doubt, cause some good to come even though the circumstances that precipitated it were completely bad. God is merciful:

He can turn any situation around whether or not it looks possible. But because He has that ability, does not mean that He intentionally gives or allows trials or tragedies into our lives so we can learn to patiently endure them, or so some other benefit can come. God does not send diseases. And sickness is only a divine appointment when the Holy Spirit has sent you to heal it!


The two major passages that people use to hold up the idea that God does or allows horrible things to happen so we can be blesses are about Paul's thorn and Job problems. Let's take a look at each of them to see why these common misconceptions are made. Job first! Paul will be presented on my next Hub.


WHAT ABOUT JOB? Christian people have been taught for years that Job suffered so much because God pointed him out to Satan. We've been told God gave, Satan permission to work on Job, to see if he would break down and curse God. We have been taught that God sent the devil after Job for some unknown mysterious purpose, and we can never know what that might have been.

This misunderstanding is terribly unfortunate because it makes God's people think they are having a "Job experience" when things get far out of hand. Job's story, however, does now support for the theory that God desires some of us to be sick, so we can become better Christian.


Let's see what really happened to Job. Read Job, Chapter 1,2 and 3.

On a day when the angels were presenting themselves to God, Satan came among them. God said to satan, "Where have you come from?" Since God knows everything (and He does) we know this must be a leading question.

Satan's answer was classic: "Oh, um no where really. I've just been cruising around the earth, you know, sort of checking out the one's you know, heh, heh, heh.... God's next question, stupid or leading: you decide: "Have you considered my servant Job? It s quite clear that God knows full well Satan has been up to, and that he has indeed been doing alot more than considering His servant Job.


Satan immediately gives away the truth that he actually has been putting quite a bit of effort in on Job, and knows quite a lot about him. "Hey, it ain't for nothing Job fears you, God. Look at him! You have blessed everything he's put his hand on, and he's one of the greatest of men in the east. "God obviously did not point Job out to Satan and give permission to go give him a hard time!


Satan then tries to talk God into coming down on Job by trying to make a bet with God, using Job as bait. "You put forth your hand against him, and he will curse you to your face." Satan tried to talk God into doing that to His man, but God didn't do it.

Job's faith had given him the hedge of protection around everything he had, but Job had been pulling in the boundaries of his faith, because he was worried about his kids. By the time attack came again, Job had pulled in the boundaries of faith until the only thing he could believe for was staying alive, nothing more. Job's friends came along and told him God did all this to him because he was not as righteous as he had been letting people think all this time.


Throughout the whole encounter, Job maintained that this stuff was happening to him and it was not supposed to be. By the time we get to the 42nd chapter of Job, we hear God tell the four friends that they needed to go ask Job to pray for them, because He said. "You guys have spoken wrong about me." What had they said? They'd said God was responsible.


Satan is the real source of sickness and disease. Read John 10:10. It is revealed but not elaborated in the first three chapters of Job. In order to get the revelation of this by reading Job, we must read the book with our brains in gear, and our religious filters turned off. if we read it again filling in the blanks with what we have been taught, we will come to the same erroneous conclusions as the people who taught us error.


In fact, it will be the same conclusions that were reached by Jobs friends. God said that Job's friends had spoken wrong about Him, and that they needed to repent. If they needed to repent for that kind of thinking, how much more do we?

The real source of our redemption from sickness is Jesus. Under the New Covenant, nobody can say his or her affliction is from God. We cannot even say,


"The Lord has given and the Lord has taken away." We know that He is not the taker, or the withholder. The Word is clear, He is the rewarder and the blesser.

The idea that God places sickness on us, either by direct interference or by tacit permission being granted, is drastically opposite to the facts laid out in scripture. He is the healer, the blesser and the caretaker.


If you haven't accepted Christ as your Savior simply say in an audible voice, in all sincerity from the depths of your heart, "Lord Jesus Christ, forgive me of my sins and accept me as Your child. I accept You as my personal Savior and I promise to follow the instructions of Your Word from this day on. If I fail because I am human, please help pick me up so I can try again! Thank you, Jesus, for saving me from all my sins. AMEN."

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Reply Rhonda Raimos
11:55 PM on March 4, 2010 
Healing is for everyone who acepts it! Very well written Sermon!
Reply Pastor's Dr.'s Rob and Carlotta Boles
2:46 PM on March 25, 2010 
Thank you so much Rhonda for your comment! Blessings!!!~