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The gift of faith is a supernatural ability to believe and trust God for the impossible. It is an opportunity or a catalyst to the supernatural realm. This kind of faith raises a rousing of self-assurance that is able to stand any given circumstance. It is based on the word of God and the working of the Holy Spirit. We need the gift of faith in the body of Christ today to exhibit the power of Christ to this generation. Though this gift, one can have faith that is liberated from disbelief and concern, faith that rests upon God's will and nothing else.


It is because of this kind of faith Jesus was able to sleep in a storm, Daniel was able to sleep among the lions without fear or disbelief, the three Hebrew children walked in the fiery furnace with the Lord, and Paul was able to sleep in jail. It was because of this kind of faith that Moses was able to face Pharaoh and Elijah was able to face prophets of Baal. With this kind of faith we can command mountains to move. We can change impossibilities into possibilities. Like the prophet, we can speak meat into the empty barrel (I kings 17:22), and with this of faith, death, blindness, leprosy, demons, and all manner of sickness and diseases will respond.


Faith that is a gift of the Holy Spirit. This is the kind of faith we are talking about. See Matt. 21:21, and I Cor. 13:2. This kind of faith results in a lot of supernatural activities. It is a rush of the Holy Spirit anointing that speaks to mountains and commands the impossible to be changed into the impossible. The gift of faith should not be confused with the faith inspired by saving grace. This faith leads to salvation. It is born in one's heart as he hears the gospel and believes unto salvation. It is called saving faith in John 1:12 and John 3:16. Read also Eph. 2:8, Romans 12:3, and Galations 3:26.


There ia another kind of faith that is realized as believer bears the fruit of the Spirit. It is created as we abide in Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to work in us. Read Galations 5:22, and Colossians 2:5.

Here are some examples of the gift of faith:

Elijah operated in the gift, I Kings 17:4,6.

Daniel had this kind of faith that God would protect him, Daniel 6:23.

Abraham had a gift of faith, Romans 4:20-21.


Moses was a man of faith. Through his faith in God, a lot of miracles were performed for the children of Israel.

Elisha was operating under this gift when he ministered to a woman who had financial problems, II Kings 4:3,4.


It should be noted that on many occasions the gift of faith works in teamwork with other power gifts healing, miracles. Sometimes it is hard to separate them but the important thing is that they are all from the same Spirit. How the gift of faith operates is it's appearance of the Holy Spirit. One has to be in one harmony with Godhead for this gift to operate, John 5:19, 20; Num. 16:28; I King 18:36-39; Acts 2:1-4. One may feel a ruch of power that sovereignly promote his faith to such a depth that he demands a miracle in the name of Jesus, without considering the impossibilities or possible failures. All he sees is the end results. Ex. 14:21; I Kings 17:22; I Kings 18:33-39; Acts 28:5, 14:8-10; 13:11.


This kind of faith can only be continued if the vessel has been cleansed and dedicated to God for utmost performance. Otherwise. sin will short-circuit it. The gift of faith does not always work instantly. In fact, in most cases it works gradually, except where it goes beyond with the gift of miracles.


A word of caution, it is impossible to exaggerate the teaching of faith to the point of imbalance. We always have to remain in the proper direction. Now that there are proper conditions that have to be met before our faith can successfully operate.


Faith has to be mixed with love! Faith alone without love is useless, Gal. 5:6. Faith has to be mixed with holy living. You cannot expect to operate by faith while you are living an unclean life. Righteousness will strengthen your faith. Pro. 10:24. Faith has to be balanced and realistic, realistic in the sense that it has to be in the line with God's Word. Some people pull scriptures out of context and then try to claim them unconditionally. This comes from the human spirit, not the Holy Spirit. It is dishonest, and does not work.


Faith can only work within its limitations, the will of God. If you faith is outside God's will you will end up losing and be disappointed. Faith has its timing. Sometimes we claim God's promises without considering God's timing. We have to learn to be patient and learn to be patient and learn to pray. "Lord, your will be done in your timing."

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Reply pastor samuel kayemba
1:39 AM on March 22, 2010 
Thank you so much for this word Yes Faith alone without love that is nothing because Paul says that all of this thing faith grace hope and others but without love am nothing.Thank you so much Pastor May God bless you for this word.
Reply Pastor's Dr.'s Rob and Carlotta Boles
10:05 PM on March 24, 2010 
I am honored Pastor Samuel for your comment, thank you so much and much love to you and yours. Blessings!!!