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Posted by Pastor's Dr.'s Rob and Carlotta Boles on June 6, 2010 at 8:57 AM



In the last chapter of the book of Ephesians, we now take the message from the heart of God to the world. Everyone of us is called into full-time Christian services. The term clergy and layman is not found in the Bible. Just because a person sits in the congregation does not mean he is any less in the full-time ministry than the minister standing in the pulpit. If you go to a job, and do it as unto the Lord, you are in full-time service for the Lord. You will rewarded accordingly in heaven just as the prophet or evangelist.


The pastor cannot be in all places at one time. The prophet cannot be in all places at one time. God saves students to witness to students, factory workers to witness to factory workers, businessmen to witness to businessmen, and housewives to witness to housewives. He has born-again believers in all levels of society to witness for the Lord on their level. This is what causes true revival in a nation and strengthens the country from the inside out.


Ephesians 6:1 Wives are to submit; children are to obey. Submission demands knowledge. Children do not know enough to submit, so they are commanded to obey their parents. Understanding will come through maturity. The obligation is on the parent to properly train the child in the Lord. To train them in the word, parents must know the word.


Read Proverbs 22:6 and Ephesians 6:2. Children may not understand the decisions the parents make, but they are to honor their parents. Honoring of parents brings the two-fold blessing found in Exodus 20:3. Divine health is promised for obedience and honor to parents. Prosperity and divine health begin at a young age and should continue through all of our lifetime as we grow in God's word. Read 3 John 2 and Proverbs 3:16.


Wisdom is said to have a long life in her right hand and riches and honor in her left. rebellion against parents is rebellion against authority. Rebellion against authority, to respect the ones over you. You may not agree with them, but you are to respect them. Children may not agree with their parents, but they are to respect, admire and obey them.


Read Ephesians 6:4, this verse is actually talking to parents. Provoke not children to wrath means do not aggravate hem. Children become angry when they are corrected or discipline without instruction as to why. But bring them up in the nuture discipline and admonition instruction of the Lord. When children are disciplined, they should be told what they did wrong before they are disciplined, and what the word teaches about discipline after.


Read Ephesians 6:5, Today servants and masters would be employees and bosses, labor and management. According to the flesh- means that bosses have no right to dictate to their employees in spiritual matters. They are only a boss in the flesh over natural matters. If the boss tells you to go sweep out the storeroom, you have to do it, but if he tells you to miss church and be at work, no. You need to draw a line and stand up for your rights in the Lord.


God, first of all, called you to that job to put in a lot of effort. He did not call you there to witness when you should be doing your job. Witness on your own time. How hard you work is a witness for the Lord. Spirit-filled workers should out-produce everyone on the job. They should arrive sooner and stay later than anyone.


If you are working for the Lord, you will put out as much effort when the boss is away as when he is there. If you please the Lord, you will please your boss. If you cannot please the boss by pleasing he Lord, you should not be working there in the first place. Do not be a man- pleaser. Go to your greater boss; the one who is higher than men, and pray to Him. If you have been pleasing Him, He will see that you get a raise.


He will get you a promotion, either on that job or a better one. Promotion comes from the Lord. Eph. 6:6


Read Ephesians 6:8-9 notice, whether he be bond or free, means whether ou are the boss or the employee. Whatever good thing you do, you shall receive a reward from the Lord. It does not matter what position it is, the Lord will reward you according to what you did with what you had. Read Luke 12:48 and Matthew 25:23. In vs. 9, he speaks to the boss. Spirit-filled bossess should be the best employers. In other words, bosses, treat all of your employees equally; do not play favorites. The word forbearing means stop. Stop threatening! Do not bully your employees! If they are not doing their job, correct them and encourage them.


Remember, you also have a boss in heaven, JESUS. He runs the body of Christ, treating each member equally. Treat your employees as Jesus treats you.



If you haven't accepted Christ as your Savior simply say in an audible voice, in all sincerity from the depths of your heart, "Lord Jesus Christ, forgive me of my sins and accept me as Your child. I accept You as my personal Savior and I promise to follow the instructions of Your Word from this day on. If I fail because I am human, please help pick me up so I can try again! Thank you, Jesus, for saving me from all my sins. AMEN."

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