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Rev. Saundra
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Dr. David G. Myers, in his article, “The American Paradox: Spiritual Hunger in an Age of Plenty,” observed:


"No society in the history of the world has ever enjoyed the standard of living Americans know today...


Yet since 1960, the divorce rate has doubled, teen suicide tripled, violent crime quadrupled, the prison population has quintupled, and some estimates put the incidence of depression in the year 2000 at ten times what it was in the year 1900. Americans are less happy today than they were 40 years ago, despite the fact that they make 2.5 times more money. How did we get into this mess?"


I have observed along the way of the cross, that as a nation and as a world, our spirits are anguished and tormented for lack of spiritual food. Our longing reaches to the very depth of our being. We are so desperately hungry that we hardly know what to do with ourselves. Our stomachs may be full, but we are hungry. We may have money in our pockets, but we are hungry. We may have a roof over our heads and shoes on our feet, but we are hungry.


We are hungry for understanding and need to feed on the fresh fibers of nonjudgmentalism and compassion. We are hungry for kind words and need to feed from the buffet of compassion and encouragement. We are hungry for belonging and need to feed from the bowl of forgiveness and mercy and tolerance. We are hungry for our critics to wear the coat of our burdens, and wear the shoes of our pains.


Our souls are in deep sorrow and the sounds of starving spirits resound throughout the universe.The groans of humans starving for love echos in the cosmos. We are famished and need to feed from the trough of agape love.


Do you not hear the sounds of sorrows?

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Pastor Dr. Rob Boles
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I love your heart. The souls are looking for something to feel wanted and feel free to be relaxed. Money is not the answer, because most of the time it is what we did to get it or it is mine.   


Pastor Dr. Robert Boles

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Pastor's Dr.'s Rob and Carlotta Boles
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Rev. Saundra this is so true.  We are yet still hungry!  But what do we do when we are hungry?  We eat, so we shall eat the Words of God!  We must chase after what is true!  Don't give up!  BREAKOUT and Run To Jesus!!!  Love you Rev. Saundra.....

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Machelle Thomas
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My soul starve to know more and more on what I need to do to please our God,who is our Almighty Father in heaven.I am always looking for nourishment so I can keep myself growing,with a happy state of mind.I do so enjoy helping lost souls know that I am here to prench God's words and make disciples.I get a feeling of sorrowfulness when we have lost ones that don't come to know Jesus, but I will continue doing his work until the end of time.In Jesus name.Amen

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Machelle Thomas
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Be God Blessed!:P

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