Saving Souls Through Jesus Christ, One Soul At A Time....


Quotes I experienced domestic violence with my parents, sexual molestation from my father, domestic violence with my 1st husband, and 11 years of marriage to someone who I found out didn't even love me at all a few months before his death 2 months ago. I could have lost it, gave up, and took my life. But I can do nothing but lift up my praises because...My God says...not said...says that I am more than an conqueror. You see, I am a Chief Commander is God and with him, there is not a battle that is lost. I went through those things so that God could prove himself to me and others. People were removed from my life so that I could be elevated to another level in God. I know who I am in him, and I know what ground I stand on. Keep your head up, keep moving forward. Quotes
More than an conqueror...

Quotes A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to come across a wonderful insperation on FaceBook of all places! Dr. Pastor Boles, first I was curious so, I started reading her testimony and in every word I read, I came to realize this encounter was a direct message from Lord Jesus. Since then, I have moved out from a controlling relationship, and through the grace of GOD am winning the fight of alcoholism. The message this morning was so strong that I felt the Armour of my Saviour and only through his strength am I able to say that I have had nothing to drink today. Thank you Jesus for helping me find my way here. Please keep my son's and myself close to you. Quotes
A New Beginning