Saving Souls Through Jesus Christ, One Soul At A Time....

The Voice of Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles

BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. A 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt Non-Profit Organization committed to equipping God's people one soul at a time.

 At BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, we believe that ordination should be available to all Christians who seeks their calling. That's why we make it possible for you to become a minister or pastor through our online church services.

Q: What are the requirements to becoming a Christian minister?  

A: To be accepted as a Christian minister you must meet the following  requirements.

  1. You must believe in God as the one true God.
  2. You must accept Jesus Christ as our true and holy savior.
  3. You must pray for the forgiveness of your past sins.
  4.  Applicants will submit a written essay of 750-1000 words telling of their Christian experience, and reasons for applying for an Ordination.


Applicants will submit two recommendation forms from individuals not related to the applicant. These references should have sufficient knowledge of the applicant to make a reasonable evaluation of the prospective individual  for Ordination.  These form must be mailed to our office to be files in your personal folder along with any other information requested. 


How old must I be to be Ordained?


A: We allow for ordination at age 18 and up. When you are ready to embrace the responsibility of ministry, we will welcome your ordination. In Christian teachings, Jesus began teaching in the temple at 12 years old.  While we welcome all into BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC.  Check with your local County Clerk Office.



Submit an official high school transcript.

Applicants will submit an official high school transcript from public, private, or home school or official transcripts of studies undertaken at all colleges or universities. Applicants who have not graduated from high school must successfully complete the General Educational Development (GED) exam before admission. Special consideration will be given to students currently enrolled in high school who have completed their sophomore year. They must provide a letter from their high school guidance counselor indicating their ability to take courses and a letter of permission from the parents.













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