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Hi, my name is Dr. Pastor Carlotta Boles. I am better known by my peers as from Prison to Pastor! Which is the hit I'm Breaking Out on my CD BREAKOUT! I am so blessed that you have stopped to visit my Blog page! But, don't leave yet, let me tell you a little about myself. I was raised in Kansas City, Mo. I Graduated from Westport High School. And I have my Doctorate Degree PH.D in Faith Base Counseling, my Doctorate Degree in Psychology and my Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Theology. In the beginning of my life, I began down a road of destruction doing any and everything you could imagine illegal and was addicted to crack cocaine, alcohol, and pills from the age of 16, which finally landed me in Prison! And what was truly a blessing in the long run, is that I went to Prison for a crime I did not commit! Try figuring that out! On my CD Track #7 My Testimony, it explains in details my life! Going to Prison would be the Whale that would bring me to a spiritual awakening that I truly needed to live because I was dying. God met me in Prison and guided me all the way through it. With His strength I was able to make it through. He told me I had to start here, but it wouldn't end here. As time went by I study the Word of God and became the Choir Director of this women Prison. Three years of my life was taken but only because it was in God's plan. It wasn't no mistake why I was going down this road you see while I was incarcerated, all of the people I use to hang around were dying from drug overdoses and killings. A lot of times people don't understand their circumstances and get mad because they think everything are going wrong for them in their lives. And I must say, at first I thought the same way! But Jesus revealed to me the goodness that was in stored for me. From that day on, I do not question God's plans. I just follow Him! Please feel free to listen to my Christian CD Click Here For or Click Here For The proceeds of this CD will be used to strengthen the ministry that God has ordained me to do which are the Music Ministry and Faith Base Counseling to those in need of Spiritual healing. And, my BREAKOUT MINISTRIES website Click Here For you will love this website. Press Releases and daily information are being added day by day! Go and check out my One on One personal Counseling Center Be Blessed!!!!!

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