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                                 SCRIPTURE MOMENTS

Greetings from Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles


The first playlist will come on automaticly just for the entering of this Praise Room.  You as a member can control the Praise Music.  Be Blessed and GET YOUR PRAISE ON!

                                     PRAYER FOR PRAISE!

Dear Lord Jesus, You created me, formed me, protected me.  You have saved me from sin and death and restored me, redeemed me and baptised me.  And called me that I might be to Your praise.  Teach me how to Praise You.

Cause me not only to praise You with my voice but to live a life of praise to You in every action. Deliver me from Traditions of culture or church that would seperate me from Your highest praises. Help me overcome my own inhibitions and hang-ups that I might enjoy freedom in praise, in song, in dance, in shouts, in rejoicing privately and together, with others worshiping You.

Keep me from demonstrations of the Flesh for show or natural excitement.  Reveal to me Your presence that I might experience what it means to be to the praise of Your Glory FOREVER and EVER.  AMEN!


Kirk Franklin-Imagine Me

BREAKOUT Pastor Dr. Carlotta



Kirk Franklin- Revolution


Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles/BREAKOUT CD

Dr. Pastor Carlotta Boles: BREAKOUT

Kirk Franklin-September