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Why would Anyone Choose To Worship At A    Church Online?

A Online Church provides a no-holds barred ways for non-believers to dig deep anonymously into issues of faith.  Back in the 80's church began a seeker sensitive movement designed to meet people where they were and reduce the ostacles to involvement in church.  At that time, finding a good local church usually involved the yellow pages.  Now, it means a few keystrokes into Google. 

The point is to attract the seeker where they were at, and ease them into a place where they could be receptive to the gospel message, and many churches did this well without compromising that message.

If the goal is to reduce barriers of church attendance, and to share the gospel through the experience, how better is to accomplish this goal than to facilitate, worship, bible studies, christian community directly the internet?


Users can't possibly be more comfortable anyway than they will be in their own homes.  Besides they can anonymously participare and enjoy the knowledge that they're a click away from escaping if the enviroment gets to testy for them.


It also creates a place that's safe from the judgement that many of them expect, since no one on the internet knows if your an average joe, or sporting a purple mohawk or a hundred extra pounds.  Disable people who cannot get to a real life church, can have the opportunity to worship and fellowship with other believers.


The scheduling of night shift workers becomes a thing of the past in an enviroment that opens 24/7. God has made the case clear, we must step up our involvement on the internet to reach out to people who would not meet JESUS any other way!


We must encourage our membership to actively engage in outreach through blogs, community forums, chat rooms, and by simply being the Church Online.  Most impotantly, we must be available for internet searchers in need!


Pastor's Dr.'s Rob and Carlotta Boles 

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